Swamp Wreck

Snow Goose

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There’s something about fooling a thousand birds. You don’t forget it.  When we start seeing waves of snows show up in Virginia we start thinking about Delaware and hunting the geese wintering on the Prime Hook National Refuge.  We set up a GoPro with the shooters and got a few clips to wrap up the experience.

By mid morning we had geese fly low and hook over the rig.  They started criss – crossing over us.  5 cut low from right to left and landed in the spread with about 800 behind them.  Seconds later there were a few hundred in range and we cut down a few.  A similar scenario played out about an hour later and we all looked at each other with stupid grins on our face.


Texas Quail

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“Dog on point!” Paul yelled out as he hit the breaks on the 4WD Mule.  To the left was an English Pointer frozen in a mott of shin oaks.  3 of us jumped over a barb wire fence, loaded our guns, fanned out and walked quickly towards the dog.  Safety off. I got parallel with the dog and the grass in front of me lifted off the ground. It exploded just under the tree tops into 30 bobwhite quail.  In one instance I drew and shot twice through the shinnery, splintering tree limbs and kicking quail into high gear.

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