About Us

Hunting, fishing and creativity combined, Swamp Wreck provides the opportunity to experience Virginia and North Carolina’s wild game and fishery resource through guided charters and multi-media.


Max Flowers

Swamp Wreck Co-Founder and USCG Licensed Captain for Swamp Wreck Charters.

Max has a dedicative attitude towards the outdoors and leads the Swamp Wreck crew through the hunting seasons.  Being alone as much as he was while hunting forced the understanding of what was going on around him in the woods.  Summers in Virginia Beach and college in Wilmington, North Carolina allowed him to dial in the rhythms of the ocean and the diversity it offered.  Freedive spearfishing became an obsessive passion and made fishing more face to face and manual, just the way he liked it. Max picked up a degree in Marine Technology/Biology. He chose to move back to the great state of Virginia where he had a tight grasp on the woods and water, moving from one season to the next. Creating films of what they do has brought light to them and others that this is special stuff and sharing it with others is what it’s all about.

Josh Malbon

Swamp Wreck Co-Founder and Creative Director.

Josh brings over 15 years of visual communication experience to the Swamp Wreck team.  He leads videography, editing and photography along with design solutions for SwampWreck.com.  Josh also manages Swamp Wreck’s full service creative team through the subsidiary, Malbon Creative, offering Video Production, Photography, Design, Marketing, Product Branding and Web Design.  For quotes and proposals email:  josh@swampwreck.com