Bacon Wrapped Duck

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done2I’ve eaten duck many ways and this is by far the best.  It will turn the most proper picky eater into a plate licker.  Use this simple recipe next time you have a fresh mess of ducks – you can’t go wrong.





- duck breast

- fat cut peppered bacon

- bell pepper

- cream cheese

- tooth picks

Step 1.  Cut your duck breasts in half long ways so that they are half the thickness.  This a good time to look for any extra shot in your meat that could crack a tooth.

Step 2. To cut the game taste you can soak your duck breast in milk or salt water for a few hours.

Step 3. Cut up a bell pepper into 2 inch strips

baconbreastStep 4. Lay your bacon down flat and place a duck breast slice on one end

Step 5. Ball up a tablespoon of cream cheese with two pieces of the cut bell pepper and place it on top of duck breast slice.

pepper cheese bacon Step 6. Roll it all up into a tight ball and stick a toothpick threw it to hold it together

Step 7. Put your grill on medium heat and let your wrapped duck cook for 15 to 20 minutes.  Keep a constant eye on it.  You will most likely get a grease fire goodrollfrom the bacon so you will want to roll your ducks around so they don’t burn.  Once the bacon is cooked your ready to take them off, pull tooth picks out and eat.
















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