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Bacon Wrapped Duck

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I’ve eaten duck many ways and this is by far the best.  It will turn the most proper picky eater into a plate licker.  Use this simple recipe next time you have a fresh mess of ducks – you can’t go wrong.  

Duck Treats

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Most people won’t shoot a fish duck like mergansers or buffleheads because they don’t like how they taste.  Just because they don’t taste good to us doesn’t mean your dog won’t love them.  Wild duck jerky is a healthy food … Continue reading

Sheepshead Recipe

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Sheepshead Recipe Ingredients: 2 Lb sheepshead fillets 1 tbsp salt 1 can Lobster Stock 15oz 1/2 pack Zatarain’s extra spicy crab boil dry mix. 1 tbsp Butter Minced garlic/garlic powder