CD Fish Attractors

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cdWhen spearfishing on a wreck or over some kind of underwater relief that is holding bottom fish and pelagic species, there are different methods to attract these fish closer in range for an ethical shot. A cheap and sometimes effective method is using CDs as flashers to mimic small fish or chum chunks.
















We mostly hunt bluewater wrecks and rock reefs in 85 – 130 feet of water off the Mid-Atlantic. In these environments we see basically 3 layers of depth that hold different species of fish. The bottom can hold grouper, cobia, sheepshead and tau taug. The 50 – 60 ft range will hold cubera snappers and african pompano. The surface is home for the wahoo, mahi mahi and other pelagic fish.


















If the current is slack we will deploy the flashers to raise fish and bring the pelagics in close. Tie two CDs together, this allows them to catch each other as they sink so they don’t fall too fast. The CDs will catch the sun and reflect strong beams of light in all directions. Swim wide circles around them and keep an eye on the surface for possible mahi coming in hot.

As the CDs sink they become more visible from farther out so let them go as long as you can. Amberjack, barracudas and other small jacks will swarm this set up and sometimes take bites at it. This kind of action can raise fish like cobia and sometimes the cubera snapper.  Try diving below your CDs and looking up and around for approaching fish. If wahoos are around they will usually swim up slowly, mesmerized by the CDs at about 20ft jacksoncdallowing you to descend from directly above for a clean shot.

This set up can be helpful but is not always effective. Sometimes the fish are not interested at all or the current is so strong that your CDs are pulled away from the wreck before they can be seen.  Its good to have the option so buy a roll of CDs and keep them on the boat with a spool of ajcdmono for tying them together.

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