Duck Report for Southeastern Virginia

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greenOnce again we have been dealing with a relatively mild winter so far here in Southeastern Virginia.  With that we have yet to see a big migration of birds.

Wednesday December 12th I talked to a buddy of mine who hunted salt marsh in eastern Virginia.  They had a reasonably good morning with a few blue bills, gadwalls, teal, and a banded mallard.  They watched group after group of divers and big ducks flying high over the ocean and drop into the marsh for a needed stop.  A few others reported in with a few ring necks and red heads.

483515_523361427683370_2084829345_nThursday afternoon we hunted the eastern shore and noticed that a lot of divers have moved in.  We didn’t see the big ducks we expected but that soon changed.

After hunting the eastern shore I came out to our farm in southeast Virginia for a couple days of timber and swamp hunts.  I found that our holes were now holding a good amount of birds.  I talked to another friend inland that said his areas had also filled up in the last three days from 12/12 – 12/14.  This has been the greatest push we have seen all season.

On the night of 12/13 we had a front bring north winds and temps in the 20′s.  We could hear big migrations of ducks and geese at night going into the mill pond behind our house.  For two hours straight there was a group of geese lighting into the pond every 20 minutes.  Mallard chatter with faint 5 note hail calls could be heard from high above heading south.

Saturday morning on 12/15 we had a good hunt shooting a three man limit of greenheads in the swamps.

This week 12/17 – 12/19 Back Bay has been slow with not many new birds.  The birds that are there have key zones they are using.  If your not exactly where they want to be its  near impossible to break them off their regular pattern in the morning.  There are a few public stakes in the bay that are doing good consistently, the majority being gadwalls, widgeon, shovelers and teal.

woodysBack to the timber and swamps a little further inland in Virginia.  On 12/19 there has not been any new arrivals with a lot of wood ducks and a handful of mallards.  There is a front on the way bringing highs in the 40′s and lows in the upper 20′s.  With it comes strong west winds and hopefully more birds

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