Duck Treats

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pupMost people won’t shoot a fish duck like mergansers or buffleheads because they don’t like how they taste.  Just because they don’t taste good to us doesn’t mean your dog won’t love them.  Wild duck jerky is a healthy food for your dog.  Especially if they have a sensitive stomach.  Using all natural/pure meat treats are the best way to avoid allergic reactions in your dog.  Wild birds are more lean then domestic duck because they are more active.  They are lower in cholesterol and saturated fat and have about half the calories.  Wild duck jerky is 100% natural and contains no fillers, coloring, or preservatives.

Here’s how its done:

duckjerkBreast out your ducks.  Preheat your oven to 350 and put the duck breasts in for 20 mins.  Take them out of the oven and then cut them into thin slices (pinch it a few times to get out any left over shot).  Place them in your dehydrator for about 3 hours (this could be less or more depending on your dehydrator).

You may want to place the dehydrator outside.  Fish duck fumes smell like low tide on a mud flat but your dog will love you for it.


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