Early Start

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Its that time of year to prepare your deer stands and trim shooting lanes.

I have made mistakes in the past by hanging stands and trimming shooting lanes in the late summer when the foliage on the trees are filled out and they are more difficult to move out of the area.  You don’t want to start working on your stands in the late summer, early fall when the season is already in or is very close to being in.
I don’t like to be in there leaving scent that educates the deer on my presence right before I start hunting them.  February and March is the time to start thinking about this stuff because the season has just passed and the movements of the deer and the traffic lanes they were using are still fresh in your mind.  Also the tree limbs are bare and much easier to cut and move.   Another reason to start working this time of year is that your area resembles the woods of November and December and will give you a better idea of what it will look like the next hunting season.  The temperatures are much more comfortable for working outdoors than in the summer and the bugs aren’t as bad.


I know a lot of people hunting deer in the southeast have seen big deer but couldn’t get a clean ethical shot.  Now is the time to maximize your chances of getting him in that opening for a clear shot next season.

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