HECS Stealthscreen Launched by XCEL Wetsuits

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hecsThe new HECS Stealthscreen made by XCEL wetsuits is a new material that reduces your naturally occurring electric signal.  The logic behind the energy cloak is : many species of marine animals can detect the faint electrical signal transmitted by living things, reducing this signal can help free divers become less detectable around marine life.  HECS (Human Energy Concealment Systems) has trapped the divers electro magnetic signal by weaving a conductive carbon fiber into the wetsuit material creating a screen known as a Faraday Cage.

This Stealthscreen technology could be beneficial to underwater photographers and wildlife researcher but we wanted to test it for spearfishing.  We went out to the murky green water of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to hunt sheepshead on the pylons.  These fish are usually alert and require a stealth stalk so we figured it’d be a good species for a trial.  My partner Max wore the HECS Stealthscreen and I wore a standard 2mm suit.  Max had killed his limit of 4 before I had pulled the trigger.  We tested it on a few more trips and results were the same.  We put HECS wetsuits on two divers and one diver without.  The two with HECS Stealthscreen suits limited out before the other diver even saw a fish.  After that we started to think that the HECS suit may have some concealment advantages.

The suit has good flexibility, reinforced knee and elbow pads and a centered chest pad for loading your speargun.

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