Preparing for Spearfishing

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DCIM100GOPROMarch is the time of year to start preparing for spearfishing season here in the Mid – Atlantic.  Gear needs to be rigged, boats dewinterized, and time to get in shape.

There are a whole lot of suggestions, methods and programs designed to increase your performance as a freedive spearfisherman.  I know some spearfisherman that smoke a pack a day or are overweight and still strap fish at 60 – 80 feet.  I also know guys who eat a strict diet of antioxidants, regulate their body pH, do obsessive cardio training, yoga and practice zen meditation to kill fish at 100+ feet.  It all depends on what you’re willing to do and how far you want to take it.

For me I like to do as little as possible.  We start fishing the Chesapeake Bay in April to gear up for the deep blue water off Hatteras in May so right after duck season we start running 2-3 miles a day to get back in shape.  I’ll try to start eating a little better and see if I can shed some unneeded lbs.  When on the couch watching TV I hold my breath as long as I can then breath up for twice as long as I held my breath then hold it again for 30 seconds longer until I get to three minutes.

When it’s time to hunt I drink as much water as possible and then drink some more.  To open up the chest cavity hold a deep breath and bend down to touch your toes.  I also hold deep breaths and blow out slowly.

joshcobia2When I first get in the water usually my heart rate goes up and I get excited so  take a minute to float on the surface, breath up and relax.

Things change from day to day.  Some days I feel good physically and mentally so I dive well, other days I’m not feeling it and have to work harder to get fish.  Regardless of how I feel that day a little training and preparation go a long way.

Get out there and put some meat on the deck.

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