Southampton County

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Southampton County’s geographic features, river systems, and habitat types offer the outdoorsman unique opportunities to pursue game in a historic and majestic location.  Old bald cypress stands and floodplain low grounds give great cover and habitat to turkey, deer and waterfowl that seem to thrive like nowhere else in the state.

Another main contributor is the dedication of farmers that understand what we have and how to conserve and enhance agriculture production that consists mainly of corn and soybeans in the fall, followed by seasonal cover crops.

Swamp Wreck is a team of diehard county enthusiasts who can show you the reason we have one of the most game abundant populations in the state.  For us, it’s  more about the tranquility and visuals that our hunting locations and habitat terrains offer than anything else. Swamp Wreck was created to capture the unseen antics and behaviors of its inhabitants and showcase how we specialize in putting ourselves right in the middle of the action.


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