Swamp Wreck Charters

Captain Max Flowers operates Swamp Wreck Charters on the Chesapeake Bay and Coastal waters of Virginia.  Captian Max is a USCG Licensed Captian and is fully insured!  He looks to provide an enjoyable, low stress experience on the water you’ll never forget.. We offer both Spearfishing and Rod & Reel fishing from the experienced to the beginning angler.

We leave out of Lynnhaven Inlet in Virginia Beach, VA. Departing from Long Bay Point Marina.

The Swamp Wreck Boat

2012, 24′ Sea Hunt, equipped with a 4 stroke 250hp Yahama outboard. The Sea Hunt has been rigged with a sight casting tower and digital controls, which can be essential in targeting big Cobia.

What to Expect Freedive Spearfishing:

Species: Sheepshead, Flounder, Tautog, Cobia, Striped Bass, Trigger Fish, Spade Fish, Amber Jack, Black Sea Bass.

The usual run time on the water to our hunting grounds averages 30min.
Hunting grounds range from 5ft depths to 60ft+.                                                                     Most fish are shot within 15ft of the surface.
Wherever the fish are, is where we’ll be.
At times, expect swift currents and visibility fluctuations.

If you do not have free dive spearfishing gear, it can be provided.                                         Being a reasonably strong swimmer is recommended.

If you are new to spearfishing, there is always a place to find a pocket of still water and get comfortable.

We shoot 70cm open muzzle Rob Allen tuna rail guns.


What to expect Fishing with Swamp Wreck Charters:

Species: Sheepshead, Flounder, Spot, Croker, Tautog, Cobia, Striped Bass, Drum, Trout, Trigger Fish, Spade Fish, Amber Jack, Black Sea Bass.

If you are looking to stay on the fish and in the meat, being as productive as we can, we will work hard to fill the coolers.
If you are looking for a fun, low key, family day of inshore fishing, we can also set that up in a safe, enjoyable environment.
The Chesapeake Bay has a world class fishery and a handful of species to target on any given day.
Sight Casting adds a lot of excitment to a day on the water. We live to show people the action involved in sight casting to BIG sheepshead and BIG Cobia.

So, if your looking for a new adventure on the water, come aboard and let Capt Max put you on the fish!


Full Day $750

Half Day $500

Mate works hard for tips

For scheduling and availability email Max at info@swampwreck.com