Unstable weather produces a major push

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With this last front moving out and a new system moving in, The arctic air mass that follows will be laying down ice across the country. This week there will be drastic low temperatures up north forcing ducks and geese south.


Speaking with hunters up north this week, they have already been experiencing a lock up of still water. The majority of their birds are hitting river systems, moving water and dry fields the other half of ducks have ventured south.  Virginia and Maryland are on the freeze line so that should be their first stop looking for shallow feeding waters. By Friday the line moves to North Carolina and come Saturday the East will get another front out of the South West to drop more precipitation. The system moving in this weekend will be followed by more cold temps and clear skies entering next week.


There has been a lot of talk about the numbers of birds that have already moved south.  Hunters in the northern states are saying their ice has been around for quite a while and isnt leaving anytime soon.  they’ve also said for the last few years they haven’t seen this many ducks move in and move out this early in the year. As far as unstable weather is concerned this season has definitely stirred things up much more than the last few waterfowl seasons.  Here are some pictures this week from states in the North Atlantic Flyway.






New York.


VANorthern Virginia

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