Winchester Blind Side Shot Shells

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box Winchester ammunition’s Blind Side shot shells are not new to the waterfowl industry.  We were finally able to pattern them on paper recently and look forward to seeing how they perform this September for our resident Canada Goose and Blue Wing Teal hunt.

Blind Side Shotgun Shells have a few unique features that give it higher velocity, less recoil, tight patterns, strong knock down power and traumatic wound channels.



hexpelletThe first innovation is the HEX Shot.  Winchester uses a square hexahedronal pellet with rounded corners.  This allows 15% more pellets to fit in the shell because the flat sided pellets stack at a higher packing density.  The extra room also allows for more powder giving it a 1400 fps velocity.  Winchester claims that the HEX Shot acts like “tumbling bricks” delivering more shock trauma to tissue than round pellets meaning quick kills and less cripples.

diamond wad






The second major innovation is the Diamond Cut Wad.  This wad releases wings from the side rather than peeling back from the front to give a more controlled release – resulting in a tighter pattern.  Hex Shot is not aerodynamic like round pellets and would scatter without this wad technology.

hinge wadThe last unique feature is the hinged wad system.  With the extra room provided by the stacking HEX Shot, Winchester has incorporated a collapsing wad that absorbs some of the recoil.  You may not notice it at first but after shooting a box of high powered shells you will start to flinch from the recoil.  At 40 yards a small flinch can can throw your shot off by 8 to 10 yards.

We look forward to testing the Blind Side shells in the field and we’ll let you know how they do.

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