Winchester Long Beard XR

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We’ve always wanted to kill the bird that hangs up outside the decoy at 60 yards.  That has all changed with Winchester’s new turkey load.













The advancement that made this load unique is a new substance Winchester calls “Shot-Lok”.  This is a resin that is poured into the shell before the pellets are added.  The plated lead shot settles into the liquid and the whole mixture hardens into a locked, air tight plug of pellets.

shot lok

On ignition the resin fractures into a powdered buffer that protects the shot during in-bore acceleration.  Regular load pellets get deformed when pellets from the back of the load slam into the front. This usually destroys about 20 percent of the load and makes pellets less aerodynamic.  That is why we get pellets that don’t have a dense uniform pattern at long range.  When these problems are eliminated with Shot -Lok the column remains round, allowing for more pellets on target at 60 yards.

shot pattern








At longer range we found that your aim has to be more accurate.  See the target in the middle.  While the aim is a little off the head and neck notice the density in the body at 60 yards.

We tested the Long Beard XR in the field on opening day in Virginia.  We didn’t need the range but the tight round pattern proved to be devastating to our first bearded hen harvest.

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