Wood Duck Hunting

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woody3When hunting for wood ducks you want to change the game up from a standard mallard or puddle duck set up.  If you scout a duck hole and find that there is 90-100% wood ducks there is no reason to go in there with a decoy bag filled with mallards and widgeon decoys.

These woodys have been there for weeks or days and have seen what species of ducks were primarily in that hole.  When they show back up the next morning and see 15-20 greenheads with no wood ducks, something’s not going to seem quite right to them.

If most of your yearly duck hunts consist of wood duck swamps, you want to invest in wood duck decoys.   Most woodys don’t sit in packed areas of decoys but land off to the side therefore I would put the decoys outside of where you want the birds to land and add motion of just a few decoys where you do want them to land.

Motion is key, like quiver ducks, jerk strings and mallard machines switched with wood duck decoys instead of mallards.  The early flight of wood ducks are looking for motion and movement in the water.  Your wood duck decoy set up does not have to be elaborate or complicated just don’t put the decoys in the exact pocket the birds want to be in and add motion. Good luck and be ready for fast action.

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